We invite all right-wing political options in all of Europe and America to protest against the Government of Serbia!

SNP “Naši” addresses the right political parties and movements across Europe and the United States to help Serbia preserve Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia.

Dear brothers and comrades,

SNP “Naši” is addressing you on the occasion of the announced treason of the Serbian southern province of Kosovo and Metohija by the Government of Serbia, which is openly working for the interests of the globalist powers and the elites against which you also are fighting.

As we sent you earlier in the letters, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who was brought to power by the agency to recognize the independence of Kosovo, first signed a shameful “Brussels agreement” through which he abolished the Serbian institutions in Kosovo, and now the moment has come for him to recognize the ultimate independence and to provide this false state a chair in the UN.Every day in the Serbian liberal media, and also those under the control of the regime of Aleksandar Vucic, it is announced that the time has come for the final settlement of the status of Kosovo, or for the recognition of the independence of the terrorist false state “Kosovo”.

Your fight for Kosovo in Serbia is covered only through patriotic media, while the state mainstream media is silent about anyone in Europe and the United States that is working for Serbian interests.Therefore, we ask you now as friends and comrades in the fight against mondialism, but also as long-standing collaborators to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of Serbia that have organized hundreds of protests, tribunes, humanitarian actions, to help us and exert pressure on the government of Serbia in your countries so it would not come this shameful betrayal and treason.

We need help of the whole free Europe and America to defend a part of our territory from the onslaught of globalist powers.SNP “Naši” thanks you on behalf of all citizens of Serbia for the support we have received for years, and we hope that soon the time will come when the EUROPE OF NATIONS will win!

Brotherly regards from Serbia!

President of SNP “NAŠI”

Ivan Ivanović