About us

Serbian people’s movement “Our” (Serbian: Српски народни покрет “Наши”, СНП “Наши”) is right – wing political movement in Republic of Serbia, which has been described as a Serbian nationalist and eurosceptic movement. The movement was founded in 2006 by Ivan Ivanovic.

The movement holds patriotic values, according to representatives these being opposition to EU and NATO, gay rights , and corruption It sees integration with EU and NATO as acts against a free Serbia. Instead, the movement supports Eurasian integration. It advocates unification of Serb territories and strongly opposes the 2013 Brussels Agreement and normalization of relations with the Republic of Kosovo.
On parliamentary elections 2014, SNP “Our” participate in coalition with Serbian radical party and movement “Obraz”(72.303 votes -2.01%)

Contact information:

Official web page: https://nasisrbija.org/
E-mail: info@nasisrbija.org
Cell: +381 69 29 81 951

President Ivan Ivanovic
New logo of SNP Our

Old logo of movement Our
Supporters of SNP Our
Supporters of SNP Our demonstrate in Belgrade against Vucic government